UAL Creative Computing Institute Showcase


Screenshot of the interactive home page

An online showcase for the 2020 postgrads of the newly established Creative Computing Institute, University of the Arts London. The UAL Creative Computing Institute (CCI) offers innovative new courses, research opportunities and a public platform to explore computer science and creative practice. Design by Conor Rigby, Moritz Salla and Josh Murr. Development by Moritz Salla and Josh Murr.

View the showcase here:, or on

We aimed to create a tech themed variation of UAL’s institutional identity. The UI is therefore kept fairly conventional and close to the UAL identity, with minor tweaks to the typography, color scheme and through the introduction of the pixel texture visible in the jumbotron.

The site uses a high-performance shader for fluid interaction, even on low end devices, and Gatsby for site generation. This ripple texture is a combination of shader passes. Through the magic of glsl, this visual effect performs effortlessly on all devices we tested, something we couldn’t have achieved with a CPU based workflow.

We used multiple weights of Suisse Int’l for headlines and body text, and introduced GT Pressura for things we wanted to highlight, such as the artist’s names.

Mockups produced in Figma

The finished website as viewed on mobile