UAL Creative Computing Institute — Graduate Showcase

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Screenshot of the interactive home page

An online showcase for the 2020 postgrads of the newly established Creative Computing Institute, University of the Arts London. Explore the showcase here:, or on

The UAL Creative Computing Institute (CCI) offers innovative new courses, research opportunities and a public platform to explore computer science and creative practice.

Our aim was to create a tech-themed variation of UAL's institutional identity. The user interface maintains a conventional approach closely aligned with the UAL brand, while incorporating subtle tweaks to typography, color scheme, and the addition of a captivating pixel texture visible in the jumbotron.

To ensure smooth and fluid interaction, even on low-end devices, we implemented a high-performance shader and leveraged Gatsby for site generation. The mesmerizing ripple texture is achieved through a combination of shader passes, effortlessly delivering stunning visual effects across all tested devices—a feat unattainable with a CPU-based workflow.

For headlines and body text, we utilized multiple weights of Suisse Int'l, while introducing GT Pressura to accentuate elements we wished to highlight, such as the names of the talented artists featured.

Feel free to explore the captivating projects and innovative fusion of technology and creativity showcased in this portfolio.

Mockups produced in Figma

The finished website as viewed on mobile

Design by Conor Rigby, Moritz Salla and Josh Murr. Development by Moritz Salla and Josh Murr.

(c) 2023