Exit Strategies print sale, Royal Academy of Art Den Haag

#react #shopify #webdev

Screenshot of website

Webstore for the photography graduates of the Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag.

During the corona crisis, students were faced with a lack of exposure and funding. Building on Jan Egbers and Rudi van Delden’s identity, I developed a webstore. The income went into funding the students graduations. Up until it’s closure, the website was visible for a limited time at exitstrategies.store, and is now closed.

The initial concept for their graduation exhibition revolved around the notion of “the exit,” metaphorical for the students departure from the academy. When COVD–19 hit and airports were closed, this theme became difficult to persist, and the identity steered away from the symbol of an airport. Some elements still made it into the final design, however, such as the baggage convayer belt animation on the landing page.

The store is built using Gatsby and the Shopify Storefront API. The countdown site is build using threeJS and React. Identity by Rudi van Delden and Jan Egbers.

Screenshot of website