KABK Photography — Exit Strategies

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A webstore dedicated to the talented photography graduates of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

In response to the challenges faced by students during the COVID-19 crisis, where exposure and funding opportunities were limited, I embarked on developing a webstore. This initiative, built upon the foundation laid by Jan Egbers and Rudi van Delden's identity, aimed to generate income to support the students' graduation projects. The webstore, accessible for a limited time at exitstrategies.store, has now concluded its operations.

Originally centered around the concept of "the exit" as a metaphor for the students' departure from the academy, the graduation exhibition took a different direction due to the pandemic's impact on travel and airport closures. While some elements were modified, remnants of the original idea remained, including the captivating baggage conveyor belt animation featured on the landing page.

The webstore is constructed using Gatsby and the Shopify Storefront API, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Additionally, the countdown site employs threeJS and React to provide an engaging visual representation. The identity of the webstore is a result of the collaboration between Rudi van Delden and Jan Egbers.

Screenshot of website

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