FOAM Amsterdam

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Developed this website when working at Build in Amsterdam with a diverse team of developers, designers and project managers.

BiA's transformative work on has turned it into a captivating browsing platform that brings the world of photography within reach of everyone. Through online exhibitions, a program calendar, and explorative areas, offers an immersive and emotionally engaging experience.

Visit to explore the platform yourself.

To enhance the platform further, we integrated the award-winning <>, empowering Foam to curate and present their own captivating online exhibitions.

One standout feature is Connections, a captivating data visualization built on d3.js. This interactive visualization visually represents thematic connections between stories, creating a unique and engaging way to navigate and discover content.

Immerse yourself in the world of photography and storytelling at, where artistic expressions come to life through the power of technology.


The site combines content like photograph, podcasts, video and photography into a single outlet.


We integrated the award winning into the platform, giving Foam the ability to create their own online exhibitions.


Connections (below) is a data visualization, built on d3.js, which visualizes thematic connections between stories.


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