Forest Daydream


An interactive experience by UAL CCI students in collaboration with Phoenix Perry. Forest Daydream was exhibited in Tate Modern and theWellcome Collection in early 2020. I contributed by designing the circuitry and general component layout, and soldering most of the componentry.

Forest Daydream is an immersive forest made of colliding environments and investigated through collaboration. Players explore a physically reproduced videogame space joining efforts to play small games hidden in the landscape. Upon completing each mini-game, players can change the time of day and weather in the world.

The soundscape mixes familiar game tones with field recordings from the Amazonas region of Peru, where the ancient community of the Wampís live; they preserve an ancient cultural obligation to maintain the forest in balance with all living things. Collaborator and sound artist Ben Kelly was the first person to record their songs and the acoustic ecology of their forests. The collision and overlapping of these spaces provoke consideration. What ecologies are being lost and gained as technology impacts our ecosystem? Given the resources required by cloud-based massive multiplayer online games during the pandemic, this work softly poses urgent questions of how and where we play and at whose expense. — Phoenix Perry

Phoenix is a game designer, installation artist and engineer from New York. Sound design by Ben Kelly.

Video by me.

Poster spotted in the London subway

Me holding a raw curcuit board

The sculpture during construction

Somebody testing an illuminated button

An illuminated button mounted to the sculpture

The scultpure in it's finishing stages