Perlin Mosaic: Unleashing Endless Patterns with Computer Noise

#p5js #creativecoding #generativedesign


Mosaic is a browser-based design tool utilizing perlin noise to generate intricate patterns. This tool eliminates the limitations of manual design, allowing users to effortlessly create complex grids that were previously unattainable by manual methods. The resulting designs are composed of scalable vector graphics (SVG) objects, ensuring compatibility with various vector editing programs.

With the grid tool, precise control over the x-axis, y-axis, color, and functions such as noise and randomness is granted. Users can seamlessly switch between rectangle and ellipse shapes, expanding the range of design possibilities. The user interface, inspired by the 98.css design, offers a straightforward and familiar experience.

Explore Mosaic at, where you can generate your own intricate patterns. Note that when exporting large and highly detailed patterns, caution is advised as they may exceed the processing capabilities of vector programs.